Bae Yuh International Co., Ltd was established at 1978. The core business includes the elevator and the torque rod bushing, the specialized vertical and vehicle transporting products. Over the past two decades, Bae Yuh has grown substantially and has become a leading manufactory, supplier, and service provider of elevator. The company formally developed the brand name of Alis elevator, and currently has operations in Taiwan, Singapore, USA, and Europe


ALIS elevator products include a complete line of passenger elevator, home elevator, observation elevator, service elevator, hospital elevator, dumbwaiter, and elevator parts and components. All our elevator products are distinguished by the innovation, design and technical excellence that lie at the heart of our business.

ALIS elevator is committed to delivering the best technology and quality to every single customer, and delicate to addressing you top priorities brings you the results that matter most:

Manufactured and installed in accordance with ANSI/AME A17.1 standards, JIS, CNS.
Retaining customers and keeping them satisfied with safe, reliable performance.
Providing customers quality service at affordable price.


One of subsidiaries of the company has been in business of manufacturing Torque Rod Bushing for heavy trucks using. The product bears identical specifications with Japanese manufacturer. The duration has confirmed firmly that our product can last for 18 months long.






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